How does one apply to the team?

The application process starts once an individual outside of the team simply asks about open positions and interest, or if the team finds someone approachable to provide the opportunity to join.

Afterwards, they are questioned and given a form they must fill, in which the form will be sent back to the team for others to review and decide. Please do note that expectations of future members are still present, and that this is not a simple step process.

What does it take to become a Spectre?

The team seeks to locate members that have exceptional amounts of equal solo & aerobatic flying history. Prior outside and successful team experience is also favored. Virtual aerobatic pilots who also have outstanding formation skill but are without history spanning through years are also a point of interest.

Great personality, connection, self-responsibility, and thorough compliance are factors that are "a must" that should be present in team members. It is also important to note that we do not fly and operate upon a "pilot under nametag only", but rather a "person under friendship" mindset. This means our members will play more than just DCS when online, thus strengthening personal connections that exist between each other.

These rules are kept in line to prevent any stress and major concerns, and assure a smoother work flow, training season, and overall performance at each and every virtual aerial event.

Is there a "One Team Only" policy that members must follow through?

The team does not include a "One Team Only" policy in its membership rules. All virtual pilots apart of the team to this day have it in their best belief that individuals are free to join other teams.


This, of course, made true if only two rules are applied; that overlapping practice schedule times are discussed and accounted for, and that personal responsibility to be present at each practice outside of given overlapping timing difficulties is strictly self-enforced.

Are there any other requirements needed to consider joining?

Yes; a fully functional, precise joystick and the ability to hold formations using a HAT switch, TrackIR, or Virtual Reality. You must also be located within either the United States or Canada. Those who ask about being on the team without being located in those reasons are subject to quick rejection.

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